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(02) | 02 ✆ Short Prefix - Free Reverse Landline Phone Lookup - Australia (P.58)

Area code 02

Detailed information about area code (+61) 02######## | 02 #### ####

Information about area code 02
RegionCentral East Region
State / TerritoryNew South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
Capital CitySydney, Canberra
Time ZoneUTC+10:00
Phone TypeLandline

Reports for the short prefix 02########

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Prefixes - Area Code (+61) 02#### | 02 ####

(+61) 029000North SydneyLandline
(+61) 029001Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029002Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029003Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029004Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029005Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029006Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029007Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029008Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029009Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029010Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029011Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029012Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029013Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029014Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029015Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029016Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029017Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029018Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029019Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029020Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029021Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029022Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029023Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029024Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029025Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029026Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029027Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029028Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029029Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029030Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029031Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029032Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029033Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029034Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029035Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029036Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029037Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029038Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029039Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029040Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029041Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029042Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029043Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029044Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029045Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029046Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029047Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029048Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029049Sydney City CentreLandline
(+61) 029050SydneyLandline
(+61) 029051SydneyLandline
(+61) 029052SydneyLandline
(+61) 029053SydneyLandline
(+61) 029054SydneyLandline
(+61) 029055SydneyLandline
(+61) 029056SydneyLandline
(+61) 029057SydneyLandline
(+61) 029058SydneyLandline
(+61) 029059SydneyLandline
(+61) 029060SydneyLandline
(+61) 029061SydneyLandline
(+61) 029062SydneyLandline
(+61) 029063SydneyLandline
(+61) 029064SydneyLandline
(+61) 029065SydneyLandline
(+61) 029066SydneyLandline
(+61) 029067SydneyLandline
(+61) 029068SydneyLandline
(+61) 029069SydneyLandline
(+61) 029070SydneyLandline
(+61) 029071SydneyLandline
(+61) 029072SydneyLandline
(+61) 029073SydneyLandline
(+61) 029074SydneyLandline
(+61) 029075SydneyLandline
(+61) 029076SydneyLandline
(+61) 029077SydneyLandline
(+61) 029078SydneyLandline
(+61) 029079SydneyLandline
(+61) 029080SydneyLandline
(+61) 029081SydneyLandline
(+61) 029082SydneyLandline
(+61) 029083SydneyLandline
(+61) 029084SydneyLandline
(+61) 029085SydneyLandline
(+61) 029086SydneyLandline
(+61) 029087SydneyLandline
(+61) 029088SydneyLandline
(+61) 029089SydneyLandline
(+61) 029090SydneyLandline
(+61) 029091SydneyLandline
(+61) 029092SydneyLandline
(+61) 029093SydneyLandline
(+61) 029094SydneyLandline
(+61) 029095SydneyLandline
(+61) 029096SydneyLandline
(+61) 029097SydneyLandline
(+61) 029098SydneyLandline
(+61) 029099SydneyLandline

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Comments about other calls

(+61) 0488716863Chinese auto message. Total scam
(+61) 0428167583Saying my bank account is suspended and telling me to log in
(+61) 0472880320SMS received stating my BOQ online banking Access has been revoked and to login with link provided
(+61) 0413353207Spam caller. Called back and got an "Aussie Protect" (or something similar) recording.
(+61) 0437235455Number is from a Fraser Coast Store in Maryborough.
(+61) 0478084056Scam artist, pretended to be David from DMA Building, scamming people through hipages
(+61) 0400016982Threatening text sent - F**k off and die
(+61) 0438021945Car accident scam. Indian accent.
(+61) 0481142358Pest who rings all the time
(+61) 0390187200pretend to be ATO and said i have tax debt and etc
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