Area code 03

Detailed information about area code (+61) 03######## | 03 #### ####

Information about area code 03
RegionSouth - East Region
State / TerritoryVictoria, Tasmania
Capital CityMelbourne, Hobart
Time ZoneUTC+10:05
Phone TypeLandline

Reports for the short prefix 03########

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Prefixes - Area Code (+61) 03#### | 03 ####

(+61) 038800East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038801East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038802East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038803East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038804East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038805East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038806East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038807East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038808East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038809East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038810East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038811East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038812East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038813East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038814East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038815East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038816East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038817East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038818East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038819East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038820East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038821East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038822East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038823East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038824East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038825East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038826East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038827East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038828East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038829East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038830East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038831East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038832East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038833East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038834East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038835East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038836East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038837East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038838East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038839East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038840East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038841East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038842East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038843East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038844East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038845East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038846East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038847East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038848East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038849East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038850East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038851East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038852East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038853East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038854East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038855East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038856East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038857East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038858East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038859East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038860East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038861East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038862East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038863East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038864East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038865East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038866East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038867East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038868East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038869East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038870East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038871East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038872East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038873East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038874East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038875East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038876East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038877East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038878East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038879East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038880East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038881East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038882East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038883East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038884East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038885East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038886East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038887East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038888East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038889East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038890East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038891East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038892East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038893East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038894East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038895East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038896East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038897East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038898East MelbourneLandline
(+61) 038899East MelbourneLandline

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If you get a call from someone you know, or from a reputable company, then it is a Safe Caller.

If someone calls you and hangs up, tries to scam or harrass you, then it is an Unsafe Caller.

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Comments about other calls

(+61) 0393641543Only beeping seems like their recording your voice
(+61) 0422791490Rings and hangs up
(+61) 0412777900Indian accent and says he is from "The AUstralian CLaims Department", scammer, just hang up.
(+61) 0434385982Catfish Scammer fishing for money on online dating sites. Goes by the alias of Peach. Possible real...
(+61) 0410158217Chinese caller
(+61) 0478608787Known owner of this number
(+61) 0401850364Stock Market Scam
(+61) 0382435433Spammer calling about electricity. They keep calling from different numbers each time and I keep...
(+61) 0472880196scam - claiming Paypal Account is restricted with a site to reconfirm identity
(+61) 0403337555Solar rebate
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